Saturday, November 03, 2007

Life's little annoyances

I highly recommend this book to all readers - and writers - even if you wouldn't read a Stephen King novel if your life depended on it. (I've read one - that was enough!)

I am supposed to teach the Young Women tomorrow - the lesson is on optimism.

I'm not sure what optimism has to do with annoyance, but since I was standing around waiting with time on my hands - being annoyed with the man who was mailing about 20 packages at the APC kiosk in the Post Office - while I was waiting to mail 2 - all I could think of to pass the time was the lesson I am going to give.

But I digress - as I usually do. What this little experience really brought to mind was Stephen King's advice in his rather excellent little book On Writing.

I am not a Stephen King fan, but this book was recommended to me by Kacy F. many years ago. It is a very interesting and insightful autobiography of Stephen King. And the second half is a very excellent treatise on writing - and how to write well.

One of his main points is the fact that you can't hope to be a good writer if you don't read a lot - like all the time! And he says, well, you are saying I don't have time to read, but we all have tons of time that gets wasted - and we could be reading during that time.

I thought of all of this while waiting at the P.O. - without a book to read! And Stephen King says to always carry a book with you - because there will always be moments that you can spend reading.

And he's right! Why did I forget this?