Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Wrote a letter to my love and on the way I lost it."

This summer has found me misplacing and/or losing things to a degree that is at least noticeable - therefore significant, yes??

For starters, I lost two of my favorite folding/patio/beach chairs. I left them at Sycamore Cove when we had a family gathering there. I remember carrying them and then setting them down against a tree. It was very dark and we were parked on the street. Stuff was getting put into lots of cars and I just forget that I'd left them there - actually, I asked Noah to go get them and they weren't there when he went back - or at least he couldn't see them in the dark - who could??

I've mostly gotten over that, but occasionally - like when I am sweeping the patio, I notice their absence. I think the blue one, which I liked for its portability and vivid color was actually one that someone left at the Clayton Reunion 5 or 6 years ago - I called my cousin thinking it was hers but she said it wasn't. No one else claimed it, so I kept it. Maybe my time was up - maybe it's like the traveling pants!

Of course, the day before the wedding I lost the key Sue Graham had given me. Spent the day combing the house, the car, emptying wastebaskets, scouring behind everything. Nada, zip - wasted a lot of time fretting. It showed up in my cosmetic bag on Monday as I was packing for our trip. I won't even hazard a guess how it got there.

Then of course I lost my famous black power/peace symbol hair pik in Bolivia - lost is not the right word, it was taken from me - declared to be a weapon!! Alas, I have mourned its loss and actually I'm getting along fine without it - there are lots of combs and brushes in the bathroom drawers - things others have lost? (Maybe they just left them - on purpose!!)

And finally, I bought a lovely pair of earrings at the market in Chillan - they are nascar - I'm not sure of the spelling but it refers to them as being from seashells. I really liked them and Alejandra said, "Oh they are lovely, you should buy them." So I did.

And when I got home, I wore them every day - until one day I was in Target trying on shirts - and I guess one got lost - because that night one was missing. I went back to Target the next day and asked at the Lost and Found. They were sympathetic but couldn't help me. In fact one said, "They come in with vacuums at night. An earring doesn't have a chance."

Not very encouraging.

Once I lost a favorite pair of sewing scissors - in fact, I lose scissors all the time. And months later they showed up - in fact all the scissors I've ever lost have eventually showed up.

I don't like to lose things. When my kids were little, I'd go through their games, puzzles and Fisher Price people at night to be sure all the pieces and parts were there. Once I was looking for a game piece - I had emptied the family room and it just wasn't there. Months later I found it - in the light fixture.

There is hope, but not for my earring.

The photo does not show me wearing the earrings I lost. I just thought I'd put it in - I'm flanked on the left by Gonzalo and on the right by Arvolo - the 2 sons of the Sierra family. They are charming young men. I miss them.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Si vas para Chile . . "

The above is the title of a Chilean folk song - and it's beautiful - if I knew how to link so you could hear a song, I would.

But I digress - this post isn't really about the song. But it is about Chile, and our recent experiences there. What a fine time we had - and not in the usual sense. What I loved was all the new "life experiences" I had. One of the areas that was impacted was eating! Here is a shot of Sylvia and me enjoying s'mores - at least the Chilean version we cooked up - after I had told her about camping and girls camp and s'mores. Sylvia was really the only convert to the delicacy.

This is the Sierra's home in Chillan - it is out in the "country" and they have several acres - and a swimming pool and a number of outbuildings. It was winter there, and this shot was taken on a rainy day. Elisa grows flowers, herbs and other vegetables that are included in the meals.

Our bedroom overlooked the pool on one side and the lush countryside on the other. And it was very lovely and comfortable. We had out own lovely bathroom too - with a jacuzzi which we didn't use. I'm not sure I know how to use one!

One day we went out to eat with the extended Sierra family at one of their favorite restaurants. The beef was tender and delicious, and I am a fan of South American mashed potatoes - somehow the seem "heartier" or something - it's hard to describe.

When we arrived, Arvolo brought me flowers and we posed for a snapshot - Diana, Elisa, me, Carla and Sylvia.

We started the day with very leisurely breakfasts and then we'd go do something and then we'd have dinner in the afternoon - usually more than one course - soup, salad, meat, side dishes - and after every meal, herb tea. What a delightful habit - I have been continuing it since I got home. Dad commented, "You've never been a fan of herb tea before." But I discovered that with a couple of teaspoons of coarse sugar added, it's quite delightful. Also, I've discovered many new flavors too!

At night, we'd gather around the kitchen table and everyone would pull out what they wanted to snack on - and we'd talk and snack!! (The afternoon meal was in the formal dining room.)

Like I said before, it was a wonderful

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Monday - where are the Mamas and the Papas when you need them??

Well, here it is Monday morning again - last Monday we were in Iquique, Chile, getting ready to fly to Chillan.

And the Monday before that we were in La Paz, getting ready to go to the Embassy to see Alice and Dale.

And the Monday before that we were running around like madmen getting the detrius from the wedding swept up and packing for our trip to South America.

And the Monday before that, we were running around like madmen getting the details for the wedding in some kind of order.

And the Monday before that, I was reveling in the fact that it finally wasn't a school Monday morning and I could sleep in .

And the Monday before that, it was a school Monday morning, but I was sustaining myself with the fact that the next Monday would not be a school morning.

And if I don't watch out, it will soon be the Monday morning that school starts.

But, lucky me, school starts on a Tuesday this year!!

Ah, "Monday, Monday, can't trust that day!!"

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blogging All Over the World

While the boys visited, Alice and I blogged!!

Have computer, will travel (or should that be will travel and find computer!!)

We are having a fine time, by the way!!