Friday, August 21, 2015

Heading into the homestretch to number 52!!

I was reading up a storm there in July!  I almost got tired of reading for awhile! 

This novel by Sandra Dallas was well-written and moved along well - good for airplanes and couch reading when you are recuperating.  But it really wasn't much to write home about!  Sandra Dallas has a penchant for writing about Colorado and the gold mines, and sometimes she goes a little overboard!  The story was a little hackneyed and the outcome was predictable, but like I said, it was an entertaining read.

Also while recuperating from my surgery, Harry and I watched Season 1 of Poldark - and if there had been a Season 2, we would have watched that too!   It was GREAT!!  Looking forward to more!  Thought I'd read the books - at first was thinking that maybe they would be boring since I knew the plotline - the show closely follows the first two books - but they are very well-written and I love getting more of the details and the back-story.

So that brings us to book number 52 - the second in the Poldark series - Demelza!  She's a dynamic character, and this second novel moves the story right along.  Can't wait to get into the third novel - especially since that starts the material for Season 2 - which we haven't seen yet!

Maybe I should set another goal - maybe if I can do 52 books in 28 weeks, I can do I can do 50 in the next 24 weeks?  Probably not, actually - I will just read and count - and let you know how I'm doing!