Sunday, April 29, 2012

Calling all Downtown Abbey Fans!

This is supposed to be the book that inspired the producers of the hit BBC series, Downtown Abbey.  I can see the connection.  It's not the exact same storyline, but it's the same locale and era - Titanic sinking, World War I, prohibition, flappers, landed gentry, being in service, shell-shock, laws of primogeniture, sister relationships - and it's a great read!!  

The twists and turns are gripping.  You really don't have it all figured out until the very last page.

Don't start unless you have time to finish - or all your chores and obligations will go undone until you do finish!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little Dress on the Prairie

I made this pioneer dress for Bonny when she was 6 or 7 - and we lived in Centerville.  Pioneer Day was a very big deal in Utah when we were living there, and Bonny wanted to be part of the festivities.

There's actually a photo of Eliza wearing the dress too, but it's not scanned, and my scanner is not working - at least not for me!

Maybe Bonny has shots of her girls wearing the dress too.

It's great to see that it's "still in the picture" though.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinewood Derby time!!

  I have been doing Cub Scouts for a lot of years.  In fact, I used to help my mom when she was a Den Leader - so you know I go waaaay back!

 John Hanke - channeling Charlie Graham!!  Those men are like little boys - I just walked around taking tickets for the Early Bird drawing!!

 Harry and I are the Stake Co-Cubmasters - in case you were wondering what I'm doing here, posting about Pinewood Derby!!

 Can I just say it's a pretty great job!!  Not sure if this video will work - I guess Harry took it!!  But it really is fun to spend an evening with excited, enthusiastic 8 and 9 year old boys.  Especially after a day of middle schoolers!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

On being ill!

I came home from school yesterday not feeling really chipper - and it only got worse - turned into a 24 hour bug of some sort.

Then Harry came home early from the temple - and he wasn't feeling well either.

So we've been feeling unwell together - which can have its perks!

I remember a day in the house on Lime when Harry and I were both under the weather - it was a Saturday.  The TV was in our room, so we mostly laid in bed and watched TV.  The kids came in occasionally - it was just Bonny, Harry and Phoebe then - to see how we were doing and to try to get some TV time in too!  Funny that I can remember that day so well.

A few years ago - like maybe 15 years ago - it was right after Christmas and we both had the flu - I recall Harry looking up a recipe for some kind of magic flu broth - in one of those self-healing books you get now and then - and actually it made both of us feel better.  (Later on that evening Jerry Meier came and called me to a calling - something in Young Women - so maybe it was longer ago than 15 years.  Time is a blur for me.)

Of course we don't have any clue where the recipe is anymore - or even the name of the book.  Hopefully we won't be getting the wintertime achy, fevery flu anytime soon!

Most of my sickness in our married life has revolved around morning sickness.  And every time I get a stomach flu bug I am reminded of that.  Yuck!  Not the best part of pregnancy.

But hanging out with Harry on a Saturday without interruptions or chores is not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

And I have quite a stack of books that need reading, so I haven't been bored!

The photo? The only one I could find of either Harry or I in bed in our p.j's.  Noah is the baby - and it's actually in St. George!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not much going on!

I spent the weekend at Mom's, since Harry is off running in Boston. And I was feeling bad about not being in Boston!! But I ended up having fun - playing Scrabble with Mom and Mary, eating good home-cooked meals - mostly compliments of Mary - and visiting with Greg and his family. We also attended Kylie's homecoming report on her mission. But I neglected to take any photos!!

So instead I browsed through Donna's photos online and found this little gem - it's Eliza on Grandpa Clayton's lap - Donna says the occasion was David's wedding reception. This would be 1984 I think. And don't you see a resemblance to Isla??

Eliza was a very shy, quiet toddler and child. She wouldn't go to everyone. But she had a special affinity for my dad and preferred to sit on his lap rather than be down playing. Once she grabbed a hot curling iron and burned her hand. She was inconsolable - so my dad picked her up and went out walking with her. And she calmed down (we had ice on her hand the whole time, lest you think we weren't taking care of her!!)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

"In your Easter bonnet . . ."

Easter, 1964, BYU Heritage Halls. The suit was blue, the hat was cream colored. I thought I was so very tres chic!

And a year later, the pink linen a-line skimmer and matching babushka was also the height of fashion for yours truly. (My mom made the outfit and sent it to me as a surprise - Joy always got new clothes in the mail from her mom and to say I was envious is an understatement. So I was doubly thrilled by this turn of events!!)

I'll but you're just dying to see what I wear this year. I will post a photo - I am excited about this little number. Esme helped me choose it. (I have to tell this funny story - there were two dresses and I couldn't decide. Esme said, "My mom would just get them both!")

Friday, April 06, 2012

The Week Winds Down

The week moves on - and we stay busy and tired!! Yesterday we walked to the Post Office - we've been walking daily - at least I'm getting my exercise - and the kids don't complain too much!! We try to alternate our routes and I try to tell them stories about the places we pass. Fortunately they haven't heard most of them!!

Yesterday I took Eve and Porter to see Mirror, Mirror - and it was funny and delightful - I highly recommend it! (I've been having Molly babysit each day while I drive Eve to gymnastics - and yesterday was Eve's "day off" so we wanted to do something fun.)

We need to get up early tomorrow for the Egg Hunt at Rec Park - fortunately it's across the street from Harry and Dawn's house.

Today we plan to get the eggs dyed. At first it seemed like the week stretched ahead of us - but it's winding down quickly!! And we haven't done everything we thought we'd do. Dawn left a big bag of activities, but we haven't gotten to all of them. We did Easter lollipops - but I'm not much of a candymaker - so maybe the kids would rather stick to walks to Library Park!! I do know how to dye eggs though!!

The backyard swing and the playhouse are still popular. Having lunch at Wendy's has been a hit - the toys are pretty good. Harry W. ordered nuggets and fries - and when the cashier asked what kind of sauce he wanted, he said "hot dog sauce." The cashier then translated for me, "Ketchup!"

Oh these funny kids!!

And I did manage to finish the latest Maisie Dobbs - a good read - a little more thoughtful than the last couple of them have been - I am interested to see where she takes the storyline now. I think I should have been doing my homework for my autism class - but that wouldn't be as much fun!!

Sleeping boys!! The star turtle has had a workout this week - Eve takes him into the living room when the boys fall asleep so she can see the stars too.

And Porter dearly wants the living room floor for his bedroom - he thinks it's the best place - Eve does too though - especially since Grandpa usually makes a fire for her to fall asleep by!! She's a great helper - so she's earned that reward.

As you walk in the door, it's apparent that we have a few folks here these days!

The kids happily loaded up the plastic eggs for the family egg hunt at Bonny's.

And the scooters and tetherball are still popular too.

Harry and Dawn come in tomorrow night - we will keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Getting along every day - day by day!

When I knew that I would be taking care of Harry and Dawn's children while they spent a week in Ireland over spring break, I thought about the best way to prepare. Several thoughts occurred to me: get lots of rest beforehand (ha, ha! I NEVER get enough rest!), clear the calendar of all conflicts, get caught up on Easter gifts and cards, birthday gifts and cards beforehand, stock the larder, keep ahead on the laundry - you follow my drift.

Believe it or not, I actually did most of the above. But a funny thing happened - life goes on, even if you are trying to slow it down or stop it for a week!

Family came to visit - and who wants to miss that? General conference was that weekend - that's one I am going to have to catch up on next week - maybe when Harry 's in Boston. (Although, I had the thought, "I have sat here and watched several years worth of uninterrupted conference sessions - and the one time someone I know gets called to an auxiliary position, I wasn't on board! I found out about it when my girls started texting across the country to see if there was more than one Linda Sheffield Reeves! So I thought I'd sit down at the computer and pull it up on And I did. And just as they were going to announce the new presidency, Harry W. hollered from the bathroom "Grandma, I need you to wipe my bum!" With kids, it needs to be late night if you don't want to be interrupted!!)

I ran into people I knew when I was out with the kids - so I should maybe be unfriendly?? I got phone calls about upcoming assignments. I ran out of groceries. I got requests for favors I wanted to do.

Like I said, life just keeps on keeping on - and there does not seem to be a cure for that. And I'm not sure a cure would even be advisable.

So I got a babysitter for each day - to stay with Isla and either Porter or Harry when I take Eve to gymnastics. Isla is sleeping then - and every fiber of my being rebels at waking up a napping child - and I can have some one on one time with either Porter or Harry after we drop off Eve. It's been lovely.

Now Eve wants a slot - and I think we can figure it out.

I may have this all squared away - and then Harry and Dawn will be home again!

Kind of like life.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's all about family!!

It has been a long, busy, hectic, exhausting weekend - and I still have a week ahead of me being Grandma - but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Fun to be with the Fredericksons! Always good to see Noah.

Happy that Hannah K. squeezed us into her itinerary!! We were saying that there really are people in this world without much family to speak of - but that would not be us! (And we are grateful for the great blessing of family!!)

Glad to get together with the Stevens' side of the clan!

Everyone is adjusting, a kind of organization is forming - we will look back on this week with fond memories. And I will have learned a thing or two - and hopefully not gain 5 lbs!