Wednesday, March 07, 2018

A compelling read

I heard the author interviewed on NPR, and it sounded pretty compelling. So of course I got the book.

And it was very compelling.

Especially after I discovered that a number of people - siblings and neighbors - went online claiming it was false and misleading.

I think it's mostly true. And I do think that a memoir written by the youngest child in a family of 7 children would have elements that other family members might believe are false - but memory is a tricky concept.  I will recall experiences and my siblings will say that they have no memory to support my memory. We all don't recall all things the same way.

It's the story of a young Mormon girl raised in Idaho by a bipolar survivalist father who has brainwashed his whole family - well, mostly his whole family.  Sounds pretty interesting, yes??

So read it - and decide for yourself!