Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Waiting Game Redux!

A little deja vu going on here - I am sitting with Eliza - behind the Peugeot - while awaiting the birth of Hannah!!

Hannah, unlike all the other children, came before her due date!

Looks like she won't have a baby before her due date - but it should be soon!!

And we are excited for the news!!

Check her blog for her current musings on the subject!!  And you can see her cute pregnant photos too!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A good time - a good read

The Terrill family tradition of summer vacations in St. George are not understood by all - or even any - of those who did not happen to go on said vacations!  Not everyone loves ice cream, early morning tennis, renting movies, playing Scrabble, swimming in covered pools, treks to the Shakespeare Festival or the Grand Canyon, and reading Jack Weyland novels!

But the Terrills did - and probably still do - love those various and sundry activities!!

The Jack Weyland novels probably wouldn't have much appeal anymore.  I haven't read one - or even heard about one - for several years.  But there is something about compelling, light-weight fiction that has a certain pull, or draw.

That's how some Terrills still feel about John Grisham.  At least Harry and I still feel that way!  I recall the first Grisham novel that I essentially rejected out of hand after reading the first chapter - The Firm - and I'm not even sure when I started reading them and getting hooked!  (I eventually did finish The Firm and consider it one of his best.)

But hooked I am!!  And with Amazon in general and Kindle in particular, I can have the latest Grisham almost the moment it's made available.  I love that particular feature!

Not every Grisham book has delivered on its promises.  There was one I didn't finish - just could not plow through it.  And they are all so similar, I cannot keep most of the titles straight!

But that's not why I read them.  I read them because I love a good story.  I love a page-turner.  I love sitting up reading a book late into the night - and then the letdown when it's over!

The latest Grisham - which I just finished - Sycamore Row - was not disappointing.  Harry said it may be the best yet.  It revisits the locale and characters from A Time to Kill - a novel that many consider Grisham's best writing.  The story goes that he wrote A Time to Kill and it was not very successful, but he continued writing.  The Firm was a success and others followed.  A Time to Kill was re-issued, and it too became a best-seller.

I consider A Time to Kill his best writing.  Some have said that after his work started being successful financially, his publishers started dictating his style, and he started "cranking them out" instead of the more careful, deliberate style of A Time to Kill.  

Not sure if that's true or not, but his latest might just be something you'd like to curl up with one night soon!

Monday, October 21, 2013

"May I have this dance?"

Funny how old photos - even if you don't know the people in the picture - can be charming and evocative.  This is June of 1969 - so I'm guessing it's a Debutante Ball!!

I can identify with the gowns and the hairdos - this was my era!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Shall we dance?"

Having a good time with the old Monrovia Ward photos!!  Nicky Miller says this is probably a Sweetheart or Gold and Green Ball - and says it's the cultural hall - before it was remodeled.

The fifties is her guess.  Mine too.

Don't you love how some things never change?  As in all the guys standing around the walls!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some things never change!

I have the delightful assignment of sorting through old photos and putting together a commemorative program for the upcoming Monrovia Ward 75th reunion Sacrament meeting on November 24th.

This photo is marked April 29, 1947 or 49 - I'm not sure which.  It says "Work Day at New Church!"

Don't you love it??

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Then - and now!

When our children were young, not a one of them ever wanted to play soccer.  I asked and they said no.  Bonny said, "the coaches only yell at you!"  I was not raised in a sports-like environment, and Harry figured any kid who wanted to play a sport would make it happen on their own.  So we did a few seasons of little league and swim team, but other than that we didn't do much in the way or organized sports.

Our kids didn't play with Legos either.  I bought a box of them one Christmas - and we still have the box - the grandchildren at least have played with it. One year I even bought "girl" Legos - they were pink and lavender - but there wasn't much interest in them either.   My grandsons, however, LOVE Legos.  I'm thinking I might have gone nuts, however, if our kids had loved them, because I'm a little ocd about keeping track of parts of games!  Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that my kids didn't like puzzles or Legos!

There was an interest in all things "tiny" - which has certainly reached gigantic proportions nowadays - but the girls mostly just collected tiny things that they found - you really couldn't go buy them!

We definitely did not raise our kids with the aid of cell phones - although we were the first on our block to sport a "car phone!"  Remember those??

So with Porter and Harry here this weekend, I had cause to reflect on the very different play choices that our kids made and that our grandkids make.  Much of it has to do with "Madison Avenue" and what gets promoted. But I think that some children like puzzles, and Legos, and toy cars, and paper dolls, and crafts - and some do not.

I thought our kids ought to do puzzles - all the literature touted the benefits - so I was not going to deny my children those benefits!  I don't like puzzles - never did - and my kids didn't either.  I would buy puzzles and sit down and do them with them - and they would do them - if I sat down with them.  On their own, there was little or no interest.  

Harry especially didn't enjoy them - which is why it is such fun to see him slaving away each year at the family puzzle he sets up at Christmas time!  Most of the grandchildren enjoy them.  Maybe it's a cyclical thing.

I loved dolls - and my girls loved - and still do - love dolls. But even though I bought them paper dolls, they never caught on the way they did with my sister and my friends - we lived for our paper doll world - it's difficult to explain even - but that love has not been replicated.  Paper dolls are still sold, however, so there must be someone who plays with them still!

I went with Eve and Isla to Harry's soccer game - I think it's the 4th soccer game I've ever attended!!  And it was nice to see him run around, but it wasn't particularly fascinating - and it was hot too - so maybe I didn't miss all that much by not having kids who played soccer!

But I grabbed what I thought was my folding umbrella chair - I knew enough to know that if you are going to a kids' soccer game, you need to bring your own chair - and it turned out that I had brought Harry's telescope!!

I'm truly deficient, I guess!

(and lest you think our children were somehow deprived, there were plenty of other things to play with besides puzzles, toy cars, and Legos - and our kids played with them quite happily.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to the two of you!!

Today is the happy day for Porter and Phoebe.  A couple of my favorite people.  

I enjoy being able to interact with Porter on a pretty regular basis.  He's an earnest and hard-working young man.  We have watched him grow and mature - and it's a delight to behold.

It was a special day indeed when our wonderful Phoebe Elizabeth joined our family - after much prayer and great desire, I might add!  Her name means "light" and "gift of God."  Pretty apt I would say!

Phoebe is fond of saying, "I'm here.  The party can begin!"  And she's right - I think she brings the party with her!

Hope you both have a great day - and a wonderful year ahead!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It's all in the name!

Baby Boy Terrill has a name. Isla wanted George - and repeats the mantra that she's going to call him that!!

Porter thought Peter was a good name.  He has an affinity for the letter P I guess!

Harry W. - whose own naming was quite the family event - leaned toward Peter also.

But Mom and Dad call the shots - and they called it well - Deacon Sterling Terrill.  Apparently no family history or stories connected to the name - they liked how it sounds.

And since we hear our names all our lives, having it sound good is pretty important!

Welcome to the World baby Deacon!!

A little juxtaposition in time

Baby Boy Terrill made his debut on Monday the 7th.  9 lbs 4 oz. - healthy and whole.

It seems fitting as I post this that I acknowledge that it is the 2nd anniversary of the birth of our sweet baby Jonah today, the 8th.

The joy in welcoming a new life into the world and into our family was the same both times.  A testament to our faith in the gospel plan, I think.

As Isla said, as we were leaving the hospital after visiting her newest sibling, "Jonah is with Jesus."

The family unit is secure - we want to keep it that way!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fall just keeps on coming - but it doesn't get much cooler - except at night!!

Visited Donna as she recuperates!!
  Had a family history chat with Mom!

Monthly Cub Scouting resumed!!

Frances and Dee joined us in St. George for the marathon.

Harry did well - 3:57:27!! Not bad for an old guy!!

Remembered to include me in a photo!!

Recuperating from the race!!

Had a fun visit with Launa.

Now it's back to the grind - hmm - what holidays are coming up??