Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding Bells!!

Somehow among the 1,000 slides were the nearly sum total of wedding photos that we have.  You've seen some of them before.  And some not.

The quality is uneven, but they capture the event!
  You know, I still have that green Tupperware lettuce keeper!

The man in the foreground is a very young Joe Jensen!!

Maybe Mom or Donna or Joan recognizes some of these folks.  Jim is hugging their Aunt Marjorie!!

The "Wedding Party!!"

The story was not told to me for many years - but apparently at the reception, Charlie went around with a jar, collecting for the newlyweds.  My dad confiscated it from them - they were planning on it for themselves!!  They only got about $15 though - maybe that helped defray the costs!!

As candid as you can get here!!

I think that's Frances in the cream suit.

Remember the Merrills??

Ah, pretty in pink!!

Back in the "cake and punch" days!!

This could be a pretty cool shot if it wasn't blurry.

Oh well, the years have treated us well, even if we didn't have glossy, professional photos!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The second summer after we were married, we moved to Campus Plaza, 2 bedroom apartments that usually housed 4 girls at a time.  We shoved the single beds together and created one that was 3 single beds wide - it was pretty hilarious when we tried to concoct sheets and a bedspread for it!!

Harry was teaching at the Language Training Mission - the forerunner to the MTC - and the group of elders he was teaching adopted a kitten that had been abandoned.  He was named "Amado" or "beloved" in Spanish.  Cats were not allowed at the LTM - but these elders were pretty resourceful and successfully kept him the whole time they were there.

However, Amado needed a home after they left - and we got elected!!  Campus Plaza didn't allow cats either - but somehow we managed to keep him there undetected for the remainder of our stay.

He got seriously ill however, and the vet wasn't very encouraging.  He suggested we force feed him with baby food - which we did - and he survived!!

Our friend Ronnie Horton kept him for the remainder of the summer when we went to California, and when we moved to Salt Lake City, Amado became a member of the family.  You have probably seen the famous photo of Harry with a paper bag on his head playing on the floor with a cat.  That cat was Amado.

He was with us through several moves.  Once he disappeared and we ran an ad and he got returned!  But then he disappeared again, and we never found him.  We were sad.  He had a bad habit of getting into parked cars with rolled down windows - we suspect that was what happened.

We hoped he had a long happy life after he left us!!  He was, after all, Amado!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blurry but significant!

While Dad was on his mission, Pres. Kimball, who was an apostle at the time, came and visited their mission.  And he interviewed Dad.  He has often shared that experience and how special it was.  These shots are blurry, but since they represent a treasured event, they are still important.

Because the shots are blurry, I'm not sure who is who.  This seems to me to be President Kimball.

The suit here seems to be a different color, so I'm thinking it's someone else.

At any rate, it was a great day for the Andes Mission!!

More Random Photos From the Thousand!!

There would be a theme here except I included one much older shot.  Here is Eliza with Noah in St. George in 1987.

And Dad with Noah - probably the same "photo shoot!"

 The Stoddards and the Terrills in 1971.

 I'm pretty sure this is Eliza with Noah.  Eliza and Hannah really look nothing alike, but some old photos from this vintage can be confusing.

When it's a photo of them together, you can of course tell them apart.

This was a little side trip to Zion's.  Love Harry's "Nicolas Nickleby" shirt!!

We definitely need to sort the photos into albums now - in tiny form I can't always tell what they are!!

I loved St. George vacations!!  Can I just say that??

Monday, August 26, 2013

1,000 slides!!

 Dad and I sorted through over 1,000 slides this summer - and whittled the number down to 1,004!  And then we sent them off to be digitized.  They actually arrived on Thursday - right after Dad left for Portland.  But I didn't recognize the return address and thought they were a box tools or drawer pulls for some job!  So I left them unopened all weekend - that is kind of amazing for those who know and understand my somewhat impatient nature!

I thought of posting them on FB, and I will do some there.  But a lot of them are really just interesting to Harry, Barb, and family, so let the posting begin!!  The above is Harry and Barb in Provo in the summer of 1968!!  Kind of shy and cute aren't we??

I love this shot of Dad - I haven't seen it in many years - but it may become my new fave photo!!

This iconic shot of Bonny brought smiles to our collective faces!!  This was in our bedroom - we had that bedspread for many years.  And the wicker suitcase always sat on a bench in our room.  And Bonny in her undershirt and "bubba" pants!!

Another shot full of cultural markers - the old record player, the stereo covered with South American flour sacks, Bonny and bib and "bubba pants" and her baby!!

Ah, Bonny - always ahead of the style scene!!  And our yellow VW - with the McGovern sticker on the back!!

And me - on the leaning tower of Pisa - with Lynn Stieffel and Pattie Nieman!!

Watch for more to come - Dad and I were in "hog heaven" laughing and smiling and reminiscing.  Does this mean we are getting old??

Don't answer tha!

Friday, August 23, 2013

A little trek down Memory Lane!

As we wended our way homeward on our recent summer road trip, we found ourselves in Centerville - a place we called home from 1973 to 1979.  It's a long story, but starts with the "while chapel" in the center of town.

We were living in SLC, and Harry had finished with school.  He was driving a truck for American Paper and made a delivery to Centerville.  While driving through the little town - so named because it is the mid-way point between Ogden and Salt Lake City - he came across the "white chapel" surrounded by an entire city block of lush green lawn.  He said, "You've got to see this place Barb!"  He'd also found a house for rent on the main street of town - a 100 year old rock house no less!  We went and saw the house and the town.  I was as excited as he was - so very shortly we moved to Centerville and the famous - or maybe infamous - rock house.

Unfortunately, the beautiful green lawn has been diminished in size to accommodate a parking lot.  Sigh!!!

We bought a lot and built a house there.  A New England Salt Box.  The neighbors all called it the Nauvoo house!!

It's a long story - and I won't tell it here - but I'd like to think that if we still lived there, it might look better than it does now!

 A new chapel was built - right across the street from our house - Harry F. learned to ride a bike in this parking lot!  Harry was in the bishopric.  We had good, dear friends.  It was a very happy time in our lives - one that is full of good memories - good memories that have nudged the less-good memories into the background.

A couple of doors down is the Nelson house - one Harry built for them.  As we drove by, we saw them in the yard.  Even though we hadn't seen them in over 30 years, they recognized us!!  It was a lovely little reunion.  The house had held up pretty well - but they were now going to replace the wood siding with aluminum.

I wanted to go see the school where Bonny and Harry had started their academic careers, but alas, it is no longer there.  It has been replaced.

But there is a plaque!!

Harry with Bill and another neighbor - who didn't know us, but assured us that our named still lived in the ward - and he knew who we were when we were introduced!!  That's what's great about a small town - you can be famous in perpetuity!!

The side of our salt box - that tree was a shrub when we left!!

I should have taken more photos but time was of the essence.  The Cook Apartments still stand - and does the rock house, the duplex, two other houses Harry built - and there's a WalMart and a Target and a DQ!!

You can't go home again - but it's fun to visit!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A great pair!

Mom and Dad - August 15, 1998 (at Phoebe and David's reception)  and August 17, 1940 (in the Huntington Park Ward chapel.)

58 years of wedded bliss.  Dad lived for 2 more years, but he died in May,  so they almost made it to 60 years.

When you are young and in love, getting old never seems to be in the cards.  And then you do get old - but getting old together has its up side.

And you get to make wonderful memories through the years.

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"On a bicycle built for two!"

So for FHE on Monday, we took a tandem spin on the bike path.  Noah and Annika, Dad and I - it was fun!!  We will hopefully do it often - I really enjoy it - I have to pedal but don't have to navigate!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little time travel!

On our recent road trip, we hooked up with Joy and her husband Dan.  Joy and I have been friends since our teen years - and we were roommates in college - so it was fun to re-connect in person after a few years of not seeing each other.

She recently sent me these photos - from a bridal shower she gave me in 1967.  Many of the details - it was held in the apartment I shared with Alice and my other roommates - are somewhat "telling."
For starters, all the wall decor really "brings it all back!"  College students all think they have discovered art and celebrity.  And Moyne wearing a fur hat - we were young and silly and given to clowning.  And the short hair - definitely the 60's.  

The two scrapbooks we are holding in the top photo are the "souvenirs" from the shower.  The guests were asked to cut photos and word strips from magazines and predict life for Harry and Barbara.  I still have it of course - a true "blast from the past."

I hadn't seen these photos in many years - maybe I haven't seen them since they were taken!!  Time flies, life happens, we march ahead into the future.

But looking back is fun.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Girls' Camp Week

It's been Girls' Camp this week in our stake.  Which got me thinking a lot about my own Girls' Camp memories.  Not just the ones from the 15 years I spent going to Girls' Camp in our stake - 1989 to 2003 - but my own memories as a Young Woman.

The above photo is undated but it's sometime between 1957 and 1963!!  Looks to be somewhere in the middle of that range.  I can identify most of the girls - starting from the left - Pam, Sandi Jensen, Robin Ketchum, unknown - or is that Alice?, MarDel, Sister Ketchum and it looks like my school friend Melba Sue Jacobsen.  She was not LDS, but her cousins were.  I don't really have a memory of going with her, but it sure looks like her.

That's the trouble with memories - they are selective.  My memories of camp include not liking the food very much and being hungry except when the "Camp Store" was open to buy ice cream and candy!!  And earning a green silk scarf for memorizing the Articles of Faith.  And singing around the campfire.  And making crafts out of items from nature.  And swimming at the big pool. And Sister Hawkins offering us raisins every night to keep us "regular!!"

And singing "Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall" on the bus ride up!

Girls' Camp - and enduring tradition!!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Birthday party time!!

Fun times at the Bolanders on Sunday as we celebrated Annika's 9th birthday - a few days late but still great!!

Fun to have Toby, Aspen, Isaac, Hazel, Nora, and Ari there to join in the fun!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Busy summer days!!

The summer for me started out slow and easy, but now it is picking up speed - probably because school starts on the 21st!!  Yikes!!

Yesterday was the Clayton Family Reunion - the 6th annual - we have been doing this for 10 years now - pretty good for a big family like ours!!

I took lots of photos - will post them here and on the Terrill blog - maybe in fits and starts rather than thinking I will get a big, inclusive one done soon!!

In the above photo, starting in the lower left, we have Esme, Hazel, Aspen, Clara, Ara, and Ella.  That is Isaac in the background.  It was delightful to see these cousins - from locations as far flung as Argentina and Kansas - having fun together.

I guess that is what family reunions are for!