Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An anniversary of sorts

48 years ago this month I headed off for BYU! This is an old BYU i.d. card.

So many things were different then - everything was done by hand - computers may have existed, but they didn't do the registration. We all pooled our money and cooked meals together in Heritage Halls. We walked everywhere we went. The Wilkinson Center (always the Y Center to me!!) did not exist. Women wore skirts - pants were not allowed. And we wore hose to school - and they weren't pantyhose either - we had girdles to hold them up!!

But I suspect some things were the same. The sense of fun and adventure and trying something new. Meeting new people. Having great experiences. Staying up late studying. Hanging out in the library. Making friends for life.

Meeting your one and only!!

Ah, trust me - time flies!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What brings out the worst in me!!

School started Monday. I'd been going to the campus daily for a week or so - every time I went, there seemed to be a new snag to fix. School started - and the enrollment in SPED skyrocketed - and we were inundated. My classes are at 18, 24 and 11. The 11 almost seems small!! (Traditionally my classes have been 8 to 10 or smaller.)

Those I talked to seemed to feel like I had to just buck up and carry on!! I figured I was talking to the wrong people.

Then I found the right people. They listened anyway. Said it was a problem. Said things had to change.

Our principal is new - not starting until September 12th. The VP came in today with two scenarios. One is better than the other, but both are doable.

I will let you know how it goes. Meanwhile I work on not taking my frustrations out on the kids. (My room only has 18 seats. Things get quite congested!!)

Retirement looks better every day!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All good things come to an end!

I have had the great privilege of serving as the Arcadia Stake Relief Society President for the last 5 years. Today in Stake Conference, I was released. I had known about the release for a couple of weeks, but it became official today - and I could finally talk about it!

Here we are 5 years ago - the original presidency. First Brenda left to become the Relief Society President in her ward. Then Amy was released and became the Primary President in her ward.

Yukari was the new secretary, and Trina took over Amy's job. Elizabeth and I were the last two holdouts from the original gang of 4!!

I should have gathered them all up today for a final shot - but I was not that organized!! Suffice it to say that it has been a wonderful blessing in my life to enjoy a regular association with these women - and that is what I will miss the most.

President Magnusson once commented that when you accept a calling, you accept the notion that there will be a release. I understand that concept. I have had a few weeks to ponder, and I can report that I feel good about my efforts. I'm sure I could have done some things better, but I have no regrets. I raised my hand high to sustain the new president. The mantle has been removed, and that is as it should be.

School is starting, our house is in disarray from the recent "flooding" we experienced - and no one is sure how long it will take to get things back in shape, there are aprons to be sewn, grandchildren to host for sleepovers, letters to write, blogs to post, aging mothers to care for, and books to read.

And tomorrow is Monday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

"The wild blue yonder!!"

This is a photograph of the rings of Saturn. Dad got it through Larry Steimle. It was taken by a special camera that Larry helped design and build at JPL. I think it was involved with the Hubble telescope too.

Space is so thought-provoking. The last two years I have done a collaborative teaching assignment with the 8th grade science teacher - and we have studied chemistry, physics, and outer space. It has been a real education for me.

Just looking at the photograph sets your mind going in many directions.

If I indeed could hie to Kolob!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some points to ponder . . .

You may need to click on these to read them, but when we visited the Postal Museum in DC last week, I was impressed by these two very different thoughts - that were posted next to each other in a display.

The history of the United States is mostly meritorious. But the way we treated the Indians was not at all meritorious. In fact, it was downright shameful.

I think we need to ponder and understand the great wrongs that were done to the Indians - especially those done in the name of "manifest destiny."

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to make serious errors - I think that's a variation on a famous quote.

But in these days of unrest and political polarization, we need to pause and think very carefully.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

It wasn't just a Clayton Weekend!

The Taylors had some action this weekend too! Jack and Thalia brought son Mclean here for a weekend visit - he just got home from his mission to Russia last week!

They all went to church at Helen's ward, then came home for lunch before Mclean shared his photos and experiences from Russia.

Most of the get Taylor/Terrill get-togethers this year have been at funerals - so it was nice to have a more festive occasion to meet.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What we do around here!!

We enjoyed having Esme and Annika while Bonny and the big girls went to camp. A new craft has emerged - making accessories out of colored duct tape - very cool!!

And of course we visited with Grandma Mary - and Aunt Donna took the little girls to movies and to McDonalds.

We shopped for fabric for American Girl Doll sleeping bags - made our way - the cheap way!! They came out quite nice if I do say so myself!

The white board - always fun - especially for leaving reminders that you were here!!

We had a puzzle going the whole time too - on the last day, Grandpa helped us finally solve it!

We also enjoyed swimming, Grandpa Bob stories, chocolate milk and Milanos, and shopping for skirt material - I made the three girls matching skirts - need a photo now!

Our next event is the Clayton Reunion, then a trip to VA for the blessing.

The fun never ends!

Whare are those "hazy, lazy days" of summer??

This summer - and most summers actually - has been a busy one. I think "hazy, lazy days" of summer are lost somewhere in the past. I remember summer being a laid back time - way back when I was a kid!! Starting with the year I worked to save money for college, summer ceased to be a "kick-back" time!!

But this summer has seemed exceptionally busy - a very good busy, but busy nonetheless. And it's not liable to change before next summer!! First came going to VA for Lars' birth, having Phoebe and family here, having cousin camp, having the Little Women here while Bonny did camp, the Clayton Reunion, going to VA for the blessing, having the Little Women here again - and then school starts! In between there have been other visitors, other events - I have loved all of it.

But Saturday - a busy day also - I decided to sit down and watch Giant - I had ordered it on NetFlix and it came weeks ago - so I took up my crochet hook and started watching it. Harry joined me - and since it's a two-disc movie - and we spent two nights watching it. (I had ordered it because the Times did a series on movies that hadn't won Oscars but that should have - Giant was one of them. So I started ordering the films they had listed. I'm not sure I agree with their conclusions, but it's been interesting to watch the movies.)

I went through a phase in late high school, early college of reading all the books by one author. I read all the Edna Ferber novels, all the Sinclair Lewis novels, all the Ernest Hemingway novels, all the John Steinbeck novels - you follow my drift.

I had totally forgotten Giant - so yesterday I went and got it from the library - resisted successfully the temptation to buy it - and spent the day on the couch and on the swing outside - totally engrossed in the story!!

And it looks like the movie was pretty faithful to the book - some minor details have been changed, but the story line is intact. James Dean - always eerie to watch him on screen; Elizabeth Taylor - beautiful as always; Rock Hudson - I'm not surprised he didn't get the Oscar - surprised he even got nominated. Although Harry thought he did a credible job.

It was good to kick back - for at least a day anyway - today may be back to busy, but busy has its place too!