Thursday, May 30, 2019

Reading, reading, always reading!

I have a penchant for series of books.  I loved the Hornblower series, the Poldark series, as a kid I loved the Little House on the Prairie books, as a teen I also had a penchant for trying to read every book one author had written - and I have read all of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, Edna Ferber, and John Grisham.

Upon reflection, some of these don't seem particularly literarily upscale - if you follow my drift. But I think the continuity appeals to me - it's like the people become real, the places seem to be someplace I can see in my mind's eye, and I like that the story doesn't end!

Right now I am absorbed in the Deborah Crombie murder mysteries - Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James - detectives extraordinaire - and very British.

Maybe it's because I've been traveling and good "airplane fiction" can be hard to find.

But if you love a good detective team, give these a try.

And I feel the same way about listening to Louis L'Amour novels when we take road trips!

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Where did April go?

I have truly gotten behind in blogging - posting on two blogs can be a problem!

I have read some good books - which I neglected to post - and have been whiling away the hours with the compelling murder mystery.  I have actually never been a real murder mystery fan - and now I think I know why - they eat up too much time! They are interesting, compelling, and all-together too time-consuming.

But it's May - and I need to start devoting time to memorizing the DMV handbook so I can pass the written test this month!

And the Easter photo is a homage to April!!