Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Musings

It certainly doesn't feel like Halloween around here. For one thing, it's way too hot. For another thing, I barely got the decorations out of the shop and put them up. Also, for the 2nd or 3rd year in a row, we have not carved pumpkins here at 428. And finally, no one is pestering me to make a costume or go shopping to hunt for costume fixings. (Actually no one has asked me to do that for many years - but I just thought of it.)

But this has always been one of my favorite Halloween photos - and it encompasses all of the above - it was chilly that long ago Sunday evening, the decorations were plentiful and had been up since October 1st, the pumpkins were carved, and even though I didn't have to do much sewing that year, we did get white makeup for the occasion.

For the uninformed, Halloween was on a Sunday that year . I really don't remember all the other Halloween Sundays, but Dad was the Bishop and we decided that we shouldn't go trick or treating on Sunday. But we would serve trick or treaters who came to our door.

And Eliza, Hannah and Noah seemed to have a better time than they did when they did the trick or treating themselves. They tried to be scary and entertaining and really put on a good show.

It's a great memory - one I treasure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where have all the falling leaves gone?

Wishing I could be wearing tights and long sleeved turtle necks!!

I was walking to school today, as I am wont to do most days, and I was thinking about how it was mighty warm for October 28th! Actually, it is often warm all through October and into November, but we always say things like, "Whoa, it's so hot - where is fall??"

But it was 80 degrees at 10 a.m. - and 98 degrees at 3:10 when school got out. And it was only 95 at 5 when I started walking home!! (I have figured out a shady route home - as long as I go around 5 - before that it's still pretty toasty and not too shady.)

But I digress - as I am also wont to do - and need to get back to the topic at hand.

Namely, why we don't like warm autumn days - and what the fashion industry could do about it!

It occurred to me that what we don't like is the fact that we have to keep on wearing our warm weather clothes - good heavens, we've probably been wearing them since April and we are mighty tired of them!

But you can't really go get a new wardrobe - because it's all sweaters and layers and wool and the like. That's a real treat on a 98 degree day! Even boots are too sweaty.

So someone needs to design a California Fall Line of Fashion Essentials - and then we could at least wear some different warm weather clothes.

If you think about this, you will undoubtedly agree with me - the hot weather is a fact of life in SoCal - and we don't totally hate it - the rest of the world is watching us frolic at the beach at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And when Dad and I got married in LA in December, it was so nice after leaving a blizzard in Provo! In fact, Dad said, "Tell me again why we are going back to the ice and snow!!"

But we do want to make a wardrobe change - and someone needs to facilitate that change.

Where is Madison Avenue when you need it??

(The photos are top - Bonny in 1976 and me with my roommates Marlene, Joy, Marcia - I'm at the end in the background in 1963 - the most "fallish" photos I could find.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time Capsules!!

Dad went with me to the shop - I've been looking for my Halloween stuff - and we found some of it - better late than never I guess!

But we found an old wallet of Phoebe's I think - since the photos in it were of her friends - and this was in there too!!

I think it's from 1983 or 4.

My, we were young weren't we??

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hanging out in the 'hood!!

The neighborhood where Eliza and Matt live is lovely. Maybe I'm just a Westerner who is impressed by all the trees!! But it was a lovely time to be there - the leaves are turning and the chilly breezes brought showers of brightly colored leaves cascading around us - for our viewing pleasure!!

Theo and I took quite a few walks to the various parks and playgrounds that seem to be in abundance there. There was a John Deere tractor of some sort that seems to be a permanent fixture in one of the parking lots - so I'd let Theo climb up - it really made him happy.

Even fake steering wheels give him lots of pleasure.

I liked this sign in one of the play areas!

I was thinking that kids do understand how to put first things first!! Or maybe the grown ups who designed the park understood! Or both.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Granny Babs and Grandpa Bob

When I see photos like this - of one of my lovely daughters - I am reminded of the years and their swift passing.

When you are visiting the family and helping after the birth of a new baby, you see so much that reminds you of the years gone by. A look, a turn of a phrase, a story, habits and patterns that are so familiar. (Hester said, "You cook like my mom.")

You play "Tom Thumper, Bill Munker. . . " with a darling grandson and remember doing it with his mom!

You never forget the wonderful newborn smell and the feel of a flannel receiving blanket.

Even the tears bring back memories of nights and days with your own crying children. And you are sorry you were ever impatient. (That memory enables me to be much more patient with my grandchildren, so I guess it has served a good purpose!)

I'm not sure where Harry picked up the Grandpa Bob moniker. My nephew Joey used to call my mom and dad "Bob and Mary" - probably because he heard them call each other that while they lived next door to them many years ago. And then others started calling them Grandpa Bob and Grandma Mary. But that may have nothing to do with his current role as Grandpa Bob when the grandkids come to the house.

I mention it because the only way this would be better - being here to welcome lovely Ida to the world - would be if Harry was here - to play Grandpa Bob for Theo.

Monday, October 13, 2008

looking back through time

So, while we wait for names, here are some newborn shots of Eliza - so maybe the new Miss Selander will turn out to look a bit like her Momma!

Actually Eliza looked different than all our other kids - she had less hair for one thing. And she seemed to have more Terrill or Porter in her than Clayton or Stevens.

This was the day she came home from the hospital - the other shots were taken right after her birth - which was drug-free also. Not especially by choice - they didn't offer anything - and I guess I didn't think to ask!

I do remember that Dad and I didn't agree on a name - I wanted Eliza and he wanted Anna Magdalena. So I said to the nurse - on the delivery table - which was actually a delivery chair the hospital had just acquired and Dr. Stebbins was pretty excited to be trying it out - "Don't you think she looks like an Eliza, and not an Anna Magdalena?" And the nurse wisely said, "Oh, Anna Magdalena is too big for this little girl!" (Eliza was 7 lbs. 12 oz.)

I wanted Eliza Roxy - but Dad thought that was "too cute" or something - so we agreed on Marie - although Eliza has used Eliza Roxy a time or two!

We are excited to give Miss Selander a name - but until then we are just excited to meet her!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

". . .I'm going there someday!"

I showed the photo to some friends at school and she was pretty impressed that we have such a great group to call family and friends.

She was especially impressed by my mom and Harry's mom - couldn't believe they were as old as they are - and looked so chipper!!

Let's hope it's hereditary!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Thank heaven for little girls!!"

Don't you just hear Maurice Chevalier singing those words when you read them??

This may become a personal fave of mine - hope Diane doesn't mind a granddaughter pic that has 6 little visitors in it!! We are happy to have Chloe on board for our granddaughter photo op!

And if Eliza has a girl, then this one will be outdated too, so I figured I'd post it now!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

People I Love!

After spending a weekend with Hannah and Robbie, and a Grandma's Sleepover with Eve, I was reminded that we have great kids and wonderful grandkids - and we are truly blessed.

I showed some of the wedding pics at the staff meeting. Comments fit one of three categories: "They are all blond!" or "They all look like you!" or "You are so lucky!"

I try not to forget how blessed we really are. And since this photo will soon be out of date, I thought I would post it now!!