Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Latest read

Needed something to read for my recent plane trip - and got this on Kindle.  Then, somehow, the formatting didn't allow it to be read on my Kindle.  I could read it directly on my iPad, which I did - but it was a little more convoluted to bring it up. Frustrating to say the least!

But I read it when I got home - and it started slow - as other books of Ann Patchett's do - but it did become compelling.

The author weaves a great story - long, circuitous, complex, sometimes a little difficult to sort out - that is ultimately satisfying.

A review I read issued a caveat about the story - it involves a death from a bee sting - and suggests that if you or a loved one has bee allergies, you might not want to read it.  The death is actually not represented as factually as is apparently true about bee stings. But I thought it added a certain level of complexity to the story.  Didn't know about the medical inaccuracies when I read it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What I've Been Reading Lately

Harry alerted me to this really excellent read!  The premise - this is a novel - is that Charles Lindbergh has run against and defeated FDR for a 3rd term in office.  The results are chilling - especially in light of today's political climate.  It is a good read!

Needed a book to read after my flight was delayed yesterday - fun to browse in the Sam Weller Bookstore at SLC Airport.  This was not a literary masterpiece - it was even a little hackneyed - but it was great airplane fiction.  I got home with over half of it read - and instead of unpacking, doing laundry, sorting mail, and even fixing lunch for myself - I read!

Sometimes you just need a book that keeps you in your chair with your feet up - it's out there in my Little Free Library now!