Friday, October 12, 2018

I'm reading when I ought to be doing lots of other things!!

Loaded this on my Kindle to take on our upcoming trip to Chile - and then just started reading to be sure it had gotten loaded all right - first mistake - because I just kept reading - until I finished it at the end of the day!!

A great novel - full of beautiful prose, exquisite description, powerful character development - and a blockbuster ending that will knock your socks off!

And the themes in the story seem to have been written for our time and place - even though the story starts in 1952! 

Also, I love that the main character was born in 1945 - just like me!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Bontober begins!

A few years ago, Bonny coined the term "Bontober" for her celebratory month - and the term has stuck! The Terrill family has a few birthdays in October - and Harry and I are going to Chile for two weeks, so I'm going to cover all the birthdays now - and maybe do some catch up posts in November!! 

Phoebe is on the 11th - and will be 41 - oh my, time flies when you are having fun - and this girl seems to always be having fun!!

Porter will be 14 on the 11th - and is Phoebe's Birthday Buddy!! Oh my, where did the time go??

Calvin is 14 also - on the 25th. Such a great kid - wish we could see him more often.

Ida wanted a day of her own, so she came on the 12th - and she will be 10!!

Deacon - the "baby" of the family - will be 5. Not a baby anymore!!
And October means we remember the short but meaningful life of Jonah Adam Terrill - 11 days of life, a lifetime of memories.

I have been reading a lot - not sure when I will blog about it though!!